Square Deal Sportsmen Club

The club is open to members every day of the year from 9am to dusk, except when scheduled events close a particular range. Please check the club calendar for range availability. The ranges are open from 9:00am to sundown daily.

 We are closed on the first weekend of regular hunting season and Thanksgiving day. All hunting on club property requires authorization from the director of hunting.

The club holds Highpower rifle and Pistol competitions throughout the year. Refer to the calendar.

Rifle and pistol training programs are available and will be scheduled in the near future.


Pistol Pit

Square Deal is home to 8 pistol pits. All pits have covered structures and tables to keep your gear off the ground and safe from the elements. Pit 1 is closest to the clubhouse and pit 8 is closest to the gate. 

Traditional pistol calibers and 22lr rifles are allowed to be used here, if you want to shoot your center fire rifle use the rifle range.

Members are expected to bring their own target stands and targets. Occasionally the club will leave out used cardboard targets for members to use. Orange walls, tables and blue or white barrels should not be used to hold targets or be shot at.

Rifle Range

Range 1 is 300 meters with 15 covered firing points. Any legal gun can be used at the rifle range. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that no one is down range before you start shooting. 

Range 2 is 600yds and is currently under construction. The range is closed and is expected to begin operation in the near future.

Members are responsible to provide their own target stands and targets. Members are also expected to clean up shot up targets. Please do not shoot anything that you will not clean up. It is up to the membership to keep our range beautiful.

Range rules are posted under the building.