Range 1 is 300 meters with 15 covered firing points. Any legal gun can be used at the rifle range. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that no one is down range before you start shooting. 

Range 2 is 600yds and is currently under construction. The range is closed and is expected to begin operation in the near future.

Members are responsible to provide their own target stands and targets. Members are also expected to clean up shot up targets. Please do not shoot anything that you will not clean up. It is up to the membership to keep our range beautiful.

Range rules are posted under the building. 

Southern Tier High Power Leaque

Highpower Rifle Matches:

For 2023 Square Deal Sporstmen is conducting (6) highpower rifle matches, which are sanctioned through the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program).

Match Dates:    May 13th, June 10th, Jul 1st, August 19th, September 17th, Oct 7th,.

Match Type: 50rnd National Match, reduced 200yd (no-pits), with sighters.

Eligible Rifle: Match Rifle, Service Rifle, M1-Garand, etc. (any rifle - including bolt action).

Applicable Rules: CMP 2021 High Power Rifle Rule Book, CMP Match Rifle sect. 4.1.5,

                                 5.6.3 200yd Short Range NM Match, (rapid fire strings will start in position)                 

Relays: 2 relays will be scheduled. Arrival time 8:30am, 1st relay starts 9:30am. Second relay

               will begin immediately upon completion of the first relay.

Course of Fire: Standing 10rnd slow fire single round load 10 mins. Sitting Rapid Fire 10 rounds with mag change, 60 secs. Prone rapid fire 10 rounds with mag change, 70 secs. Prone slow fire 20 rounds, 20 mins.

Entry Fee: $10 per relay

Match Registration: All competitors must pre-register ahead of the match. Contact Jock LaClair email: k31jocko@gmail.com 

Safety: All CMP Safety rules shall apply, Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) flags must remain inserted at all times, except when firing. Eye and ear protection required. Firearm safe handling rules must be adhered to.


For 2023 Square Deal Sporstmen is conducting (12) 300yard F-class rifle matches, which wil be club sanctioned.

Format: 40 Rounds for record with unlimited sighters.  You will have 2 record targets and a sighter target per relay and you shoot 2 relays.  You can only shoot 10 rounds on each record target but you can shoot an unlimited number of sighters during the course of fire.  There will be a 30 minute time limit for each relay.

Equipment: Front rest or bipod with rear bag.  Muzzle break is allowed but you are responsible for your muzzle blast. This will be a prone or bench rest match so bring appropriate equipment. Eye and ear protection.  Camera system or spotting scope is allowed.  .223 cal to .35 cal are welcomed to shoot.  Must have a scope and your rifle zeroed in at 300 yards before the match.

Fee: $10 per shooter (covers both relays) - there will also be an optional $10 entry fee if you want to get into a prize pot

Prize: You must put into the pot in order to win the cash prize

1st - 50% of prize pot

2nd- 35% of prize pot

3rd - 15% of prize pot

Time: Match starts at 9am to completion.  You can pre-register with the match director or last minute sign up is at 8:15am at the club.  All shooters must go through a safety inspection, be present during roll call, and hear the match rules to be able to shoot.   To pre- register email squaredealsportsmenclub@gmail.com with you name and phone number and event your shooting.

Dates: April 29, May 7/27, June 4/24, July 2/29, Aug 6/26, Sept 3/30, and Oct 8

Point of Contact:

Match Director: Mark Harlost   

Assistant Director: Anthony Hanakovic


Rifle Training and Marksmanship:

Periodically the club sponsors an M1- Garand rifle clinic. The clinic is sanctioned through the CMP and tought by a certified master CMP instructor.

The purpose of the class is to teach fundamental rifle marksmanship using the M1 - Garand rifle. You will be instucted in the standing, sitting and prone positions. As always, rifle safety is a key aspect of the class.

This is a (2) day class. The first day will consist of classroom intruction with live fire training in the afternoon. The second day will consist of shooting a highpower match.

Upon completion of the class you will have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, safety and the know how to compete in high power rifle matches.

Contact _____________ for more information. We are starting a list of interested participants. The class size is limted to 10.