Hunter Education

Hunter Education is required for all hunting licenses, including bowhunting. This course covers firearms safety, hunting techniques and responsible, ethical hunting practices. SDS acts only as the host for these classes and is not responsible for registering participants.  The classes are conducted by a group of DEC certified volunteer instructors at the Square Deal Sportsmen facilities located off of Rt-26 Glen Aubrey, NY. We appreciate the use of the facilities, and the instructors who give their time for the classes. SDS typically hosts sone basic firearm Hunter Education classes per year.   It will be possible to hold in-person classes at TCSA during 2022.  A schedule of in-person classes is being developed and will be posted here when finalized.   

DEC is offering an online hunter ed class.  To register click here.

AttentionHunter Education Instructors Needed

If you are a licensed hunter in New York State, at some time in your past volunteer instructors taught your hunter education class so that you could obtain your hunter education certificate and hunting license. Why not give back now and become a hunter education instructor? If you are interested in becoming an instructor, contact Ashley Meyers at the NYDEC in Cortland, at 753-3095 ext 242..