Hey Square Deal Sportsmen Club members,

The board is looking for your input on some proposed events and your comments will help determine our future direction.  As many of you know last year we started back up on the construction of the 600 meter rifle range.  We are looking at hosting sanctioned and non-sanctioned events to run on that range as soon as it is finished.  But before that happens, we would like to get some of those events started on the 300 meter range first.  One event we are looking to start with is what we are calling F-Class Unlimited.   This will be an unsanctioned club event.  There will be no limit to caliber, weight, or action. You can shoot bench or prone, with bi-pod or heavy rest.  A muzzle break would be permitted but the shooter is responsible for muzzle blast.  It will be 20 rounds in 30 minutes with unlimited sighters at 300 yards.  We also would like to add 22 rimfire challenge or steel challenge but again we want to add what you want.  This would be a sanctioned event.  We would like to have a Jr. league to go along with this event to get younger shooters involved. 3D archery? Is this something you guys would be interested in? The club is also in the beginning talks with some firearms instructors.  Nothing is set in stone yet.  We would like to know if this is something you would be interested in?  We are looking at Rochester Personal Defense and PS&Ed (Public Safety & Education).  Please check them out for your selves and let us know?

On another note we could use some help from members with the maintenance of the club whether that be general clean up or repairs on the buildings.  Remember this is your club and without your dues and support we cannot exist.

Please Email me at with your interests and comments.



David Saunders

President of Square Deal Sportsmen Inc.