From the Board

Dear Members and Life Members:

                Many of you have mentioned you don’t know what is going on up at the club anymore.  The Board has decided that we start a newsletter to let you all know what is going on at Square Deal Sportsmen Inc.  For those of you who are more computer savvy, Square Deal has a website that is constantly being updated at

Club Business

            Back in December, Square Deal held elections for President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Membership director, Treasurer, and 5 board member positions.  The sitting President, Recording Secretary, Membership Director, Treasure, and 3 board members were re-elected.  Scott Fontaine and Dr. Nishan Dadian were elected and are now filling the other 2 board member seats.  The treasure seat is being shared by Robert Haynes and Chester Lowrie.  The Vice President’s seat is still VACANT.  If you are interested in the Vice-President’s, please come to a board meeting to find out the responsibilities of this position.  The club holds a General and Board meeting on the first Monday of every month.  Check the club calendar to see where the club meetings are going to be held.  If anyone has questions or concerns feel free to email us at


Club Construction

                Many of you have been inquiring about the 700-yard rifle range, as the website still says it is closed and will begin operation in the near future.  The President and board are getting ready to sign contracts to get the project going again.  The projected size of the range will be 700-yards long by
100-foot firing line.  The firing line will have 12 stations.  We are asking members for donations for the cost of concrete benches.  Donors will have their names on the bench.  Estimated cost for each bench will be $300.  We will be doing the same for the smaller 300-meter rifle range.


Club Maintenance

                We are in need of some help sprucing up the club.  Many of the buildings are in need of repairs.  The club house needs the window trim replaced and the building needs to be painted.  All the sheds need a good paint job.  The 300-meter rifle range needs some repairs done to the covered firing line.  The front gate to the club needs major repair.  Some of the property is in need of cleaning up.  The 300-meter rifle range has garbage all over it.  We have over grown branches over hanging into the roads.  We would love to put some work parties together.


                If the manual work is not your forte, we need someone to help out with the website and Facebook.   Many of the website pictures need updating, and the calendar always needs updating.  We would like to document all the action going on at the club on face book too.


                If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at


What’s Going On

                The club hosts monthly USPSA pistol matches every 1st Sunday of the month from March through November, weather permitting.  Matches starts at 10am and usually consists of 6 stages, with 1 being a USPSA classifier.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact Chris Brinser at

            Square Deal Sportsmen is conducting (3) high power rifle matches which will be non-sanctioned but will follow CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) rules.

Match Dates:    May 18th, July 13th, & September 7th.

Match Type:    50 round National Match, reduced 200-yard (no-pits), with sighters.

Eligible Rifle:    Match Rifle, Service Rifle, M1-Garand, etc. (any rifle - including bolt action).

Will follow CMP 2021 High Power Rifle Rule Book, CMP Match Rifle

2 relays will be scheduled.  Arrival time 8:30 am, 1st relay starts 9:30am.  Second relay will begin immediately upon completion of the first relay.

The course of fire will be standing 10 round slow fire single round load 10 minutes.  Sitting Rapid Fire 10 rounds with mag change, 60 seconds.  Prone rapid fire 10 rounds with mag change, 70 seconds.  Prone slow fire 20 rounds, 20 minutes.

Entry Fee:    $10 per relay.

Match Registration:    All competitors must pre-register ahead of the match.

Contact Anthony Hanakovic at


            Square Deal Sportsmen is conducting (10) 300-yard F-class rifle matches, which will be non-sanctioned.

Format:   40 Rounds for record with unlimited sighters.  You will have 2 record targets and a sighter target per relay and you shoot 2 relays.  You can only shoot 10 rounds on each record target but you can shoot an unlimited number of sighters during the course of fire.  There will be a 30-minute time limit for each relay.

Equipment:   Front rest or bipod with rear bag.  Muzzle break is allowed but you are responsible for your muzzle blast.  This will be a prone or bench rest match so bring appropriate equipment.  Eye and ear protection is a must.  Camera system or spotting scope is allowed.  .22 cal to .35 cal are welcomed to shoot.  Must have a scope and your rifle zeroed in at 300-yards before the match.

Fee:   $10 per shooter (covers both relays) – there will also be an optional $10 entry fee if you want to get into a prize pot.

Prize:   You must put into the pot in order to win the cash prize

1st - 50% of prize pot

2nd - 35% of prize pot

3rd - 15% of prize pot

Time:   Match starts at 9am to completion.  You can pre-register with the match director or last-minute sign up is at 8:15am at the club.  All shooters must go through a safety inspection, be present during roll call, and hear the match rules to be able to shoot.

To pre-register email:  with your name and phone number and event you’re shooting.

Match Dates:   April 27, May 11/25, June 8/29, July 27, Aug 10/31, Sept 14, and Oct 5

Point of Contact:

Match Director:  David Saunders

Assistant Director:  Anthony Hanakovic



            We are in the works with project apple seed for our youth for next year.  Project apple seed teaches ideals like integrity, commitment, and personal responsibility, something our founding fathers relied on to win our independence and to then make America a great nation.  Project Appleseed is dedicated to keeping these timeless values alive.  They promote civic responsibility through the teaching of colonial history and the American tradition of rifle marksmanship.  We are also looking at adding Rimfire Challenge.  Rimfire Challenge is for all ages and all levels.  A great safe and family fun event that engages new competitors, and challenges experienced competitors.  The only way we can do these is by having volunteers who can help out with running these events.  Square Deal is home to 50 youth and we would like to offer somethings to our youngsters.

                Some members have asked about starting IBS (International Bench Rest Shooting).  Square deal is open to ideas and would like to see those ideas come to a reality.  In order for this to happen the small 300-meter rifle range would need concrete benches and we would need volunteers and match directors to run this event.  If anyone is interested in making this a reality, please email the club at

                Archers, we have not forgotten about you.  Our plans are to get some new targets from Neil’s Archery to replace the two old plastic bails.  The discussion of 3D archery has come up in the past but we are not sure how many people use the archery lane and who would be interested.  Please email the club and let us know your thoughts.

                Redding Reloading and Square Deal are working together to put on a basic reloading class.  With New York now mandating back ground check on all ammo, this would be a great way to learn how to make it yourself and save some money.  This class could turn into something more if there is enough interest.  Classes would have a small fee.  Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in; please email the club at

                Thank You for being a member of Square Deal Sportsmen Inc.  It’s you the members that make it possible for Square Deal to stay open.  Please share with us your comments, and concerns.  If you have any questions, want to volunteer, want to try a match out, or become a match director, please feel free to contact us at (607) 744-1214 or email us at
We look forward to hearing from you.  As always, you are welcome to come to the general/board meetings.



Square Deal Sportsmen, Inc. Board