pitsThe TCSA Ranges are open Monday through Saturday at 8:00 am and close at sunset. Sundays they are open at 9:00 am and close at sunset. Exceptions to these rules are when proper lighting has been installed. TCSA has one lighted Trap field allowing evening shooting until 9:00 PM, for a scheduled event supervised by a TCSA Range officer.

Starting Sept 1 2021 your membership identification card will be the RFID Card you purchased to access the Gate.  It should have your name printed on it. You should also have proper photo ID with you.

Guest policy has also changed, each non TCSA member using the facilities, will stop at The Kiosk (the little gray shed just after the gate). There they will sign a waiver form and deposit $5.00 in the locked box in the Kiosk. Guest still must be accompanied by a TCSA member.  One guest per full member is still in effect.

Please read the posted signage on each range and be cautious, courteous, and safe while using the ranges.



Please keep any shots and targets below and within the marked areas of the dirt backstops that are directly opposite the firing line. Be conscious of where the muzzle of your firearm is pointing at all times. Do not use rocks for back stops,or targets. They cause ricochets and we mow the ranges. The firing line is the front edge of the covered firing position structure on each range. No shooting should be done ahead of this line. ANY shots fired at the 200 yard backstop should be done from the furthest two positions on the right end of the 100/200 yard range. ABSOLUTELY NO CROSSFIRING from the 100 yard positions!! Shooters on the range should collectively agree on a cease fire before moving ahead of the firing line. All firearms will have actions open and empty chambers (including Magazines out) before anyone goes downrange. No one is to handle any firearm at or behind the firing line while others are down range.

The following range rules for the High Power Range have been revised as of June 2018. There are now target boxes at 25 and 50 yards and target frames with backer board at 100 and 200 yards. All targets must be placed on the target boxes in the designated area (inside the red lines) at the 25 or 50 yard range. Targets should be placed on the target backers at 100 and 200 yards insuring bullet impact is below the red safety line. No targets or target holders shall be placed anywhere except at the designated ranges (25, 50, 100 or 200 yards).

  • Hand guns are prohibited exept for rifle caliber single shot hand guns. Use the lower pistol range or upper pistol pits for hand gun shooting.
  • All shooting, loading or unloading will be done at the yellow firing line.
  • Paper targets only. No rocks, electronics, steel, paint cans, exploding target, etc.
  • All shooting at less than 100 yards shall be at targets attached to the 25 or 50 yard backstops placed inside the painted red borders.
  • Targets on the 100 and 200 yard ranges shall be placed on supplied target frames. Target elevation shall be such that the bullet will impact the berm below the red safety line.
  • No cross firing is allowed. If you are set up in front of the 100 yard berm, do not shoot at the 200 yard berm, or the 25 or 50 yard backstops.
  • No shot, including from size 9 to 00 buck, will be used on the high power range.


Whenever a gun is picked up, the safety should be engaged, and if the gun has a magazine, it should be removed before opening the action and looking into the chamber. The chamber should be clear of ammunition. If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber, get help from a range officer or other qualified shooter.

With the exception of the High Power Range, TCSA does not supply any type of target holders for use on our ranges, pistol or rimfire. It is the shooter's responsibility to purchase or construct a target holder to use on those ranges. Please note that some of the shooting ranges have a MINIMUM target height for safe shooting. The Silhouette/Rim Fire range and the Outdoor Pistol range have berms (dirt structures) at distances less than the total length of the range. These intermediate berms are there as a protection feature for competitions/equipment and SHOULD NOT be shot into, and you should not set anything on the top of them. Your target holder should be high enough to place your target and shots over these intermediate berms and your bullets should and will impact at the furthest backstop on the range.

Here are two different types of target holders that you can view or print, to help in constructing your own.



After shooting is done for the day, all target holders and targets should be removed from the range. Empty cases and shells should be picked up and either recycled in the "Brass Only" bucket for centerfire cases, or in the garbage for shotgun shells,steel case ammo, and rimfire cases. Please leave the range in better condition than when shooting began.